Questions To Ask A Music School

10 Questions You Should Ask A Music School Before Enrolling

  • Q1. Does your school believe in a holistic learning approach or only to impart performance skills to your students?
  • Q2. Are your courses being reviewed consistently to ensure that the most effective pedagogy methods are being applied?
  • Q3. Are there more advanced studies available for your students?
  • Q4. Does your school have any proprietary courses accredited by an internationally-renowned body?
  • Q5. How does your music school maintain a child's interest?
  • Q6. How qualified are your teachers?
  • Q7. Do your teachers undergo any further training?
  • Q8. How widespread (or accessible) are your courses?
  • Q9. How important does your music school view Early Childhood Music (ECM) education?
  • Q10. What methods do you use in your school?

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