What Makes a good Early Childhood Music Teacher

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Criteria of A Successful Early Childhood Music Teacher

As Singapore government is pushing for high quality early childhood education, the quality of early childhood teachers' training again is pushed into the limelight. In the situation where there is an early childhood teachers' shortage in the industry, childcare operators are pulling all stops to attract good teachers with attractive remuneration and salary packages.  Not only that an early childhood teacher needs to possess good qualifications  and teaching skills, but an additional skill such as possessing a solid background in music will bring about more career opportunities and better prospects. As the early childhood curriculum matures into accepting non-traditional academic subjects like music, it strives to give a more holistic learning environment for the benefits of our little children.

As a guidance to those who are interested to find out the requirements of being a professional early childhood music teacher, the followings are important pointers for consideration:

  •        Possess a good knowledge in early childhood music teaching - having gone through training modules in early childhood education, keyboard skills, aural, presentational skills, lesson planning, early childhood music repertoire and music theory.
  •        In order to qualify for the diploma pre-requisites for the London College of Music Diploma in Early Childhood Music Teaching (dipLCM), one should at least possess a grade 5 theory certificate.
  •         For those who do not possess any music qualifications, it is advisable to go through a basic training course in early childhood music such as a certificate course.
  •         Able to sing and play the piano/keyboard accompaniment
  •         Being passionate in working with young children
  •         Able to handle children in a group setting
  •         Able to evaluate students' strength and weaknesses
  •         Possess strong communication and presentation skills
  •         Readiness to work in the early childhood industry/enrichment schools

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