Key Factors in Cultivating & Nurturing Musical Talents










From our work with students and feedback and observations from parents and students, we can identify 5  key factors that contribute positively to acquiring musical interests and skills.


1) Teachers


It is essential to have a good professional and competent teacher who can lay a solid music foundation, and place trust and confidence in the student.  The teacher also needs to establish an effective personal bond and rapport with the student and to make every music lesson interesting, purposeful and progressive.



2)  Self-Esteem and Confidence


It is very beneficial to start early on a formal music course. The development will be progressive and the student will feel confident and comfortable to acquire sufficient skills, self-esteem and ability to play the pieces and assignments well for each and every music lesson.



3)  Practice and Persistence


The student needs to place sufficient emphasis and be consistent in practice to achieve good results in performance. Some degree of persistence and mental toughness is desirable.



4)  Goals


It is helpful the student knows how to set goals and that setting a goal is meaningful.  Applying all efforts to achieving it is worthwhile and satisfying.



5)  Parents


Parental involvement in the student’s development and progress is vital.  Acknowledgment, encouragement and appreciation will no doubt spur on and provide the extra drive to keep the student focused and motivated.


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