How to help your Child Recognise between Treble and Bass Clef notes


(1) Playing with flashcards on notation has been proven to be one of the best ways to help children recognize notes from different clefs. You can play ‘snap’ cards or ‘matching game’ with children. Getting children to participate fully in a game, not only engaging them but also involve you in their learning to promote bonding and involvement in their intellectual growth.

(2) Understanding of lines and spaces: asking children to play with magnetic board with staves, using 5 fingers to represent the 5 lines on the staves help to quicken their reaction and work on their brain imaging ability to spot and recognize the position of notes on the staves.

(3) Approaching this objective using a holistic manner: hands-on game, visual training, ear training to let children recognize their own style of learning, either visual, tactile and aural approach.

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