Why Seimpi?

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • 1. How is Seimpi School of Music different from the other music schools?
  • 2. What do children learn in Seimpi School of Music?
  • 3. How do we train speed-reading skill in the course?
  • 4. Why is memory training necessary in moulding a young musician?
  • 5. Why is music dictation important?
  • 6. What is music mapping and what has it got to do with music analysis?
  • 7. What are the differences between Music for the Intelligent Mind and the other Music and Movement classes?
  • 8. What age is the best age to start playing an instrument?
  • 9. Why is ensemble playing and group lesson important?
  • 10. What are the progressions in a child's music education in Seimpi?

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