Ms Zeng Chuntao


Chun Tao


Ms Zeng Chuntao possesses a diverse and enriching background, primarily centered around her passion for teaching languages and working with children. She serves the school as a Chinese Speech & Drama teacher and Chinese Language teacher under Seimpi Learning Academy.


Education-wise, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts with a major in Linguistics, which likely contributes to her strong language teaching abilities. Her experience at Power Academy for children showcases her adaptability in creating tailored lesson plans to meet specific educational requirements and cater to individual learning styles, both in English and Chinese.


Her venture into online language teaching through Qing Qing Education indicates her commitment to staying updated with modern teaching methodologies, adapting her skills to the digital realm. This underscores her dedication to evolving as an educator.


Chuntao Zeng's dedication to teaching appears to stem from a genuine love for the profession, evident in her belief that it's an ongoing journey requiring continuous learning. Her passion for working with children seems to be a driving force behind her career choices, bringing her immense joy and fulfillment.


Overall, Chuntao Zeng emerges as a versatile educator with a strong foundation in language instruction, a knack for catering to diverse learning needs, and a deep-seated passion for nurturing young minds, making her a valuable asset in educational and youth-oriented settings.