Music for the Intelligent Mind™ (MIM®)

First launched in 2002, Seimpi's very own Music for the Intelligent Mind (MIM®) program was developed for children from 4 months old to 7 years old. help nuture both the left and right brain. With a carefully planned syallabus, we gradually guide students to explore the richness and excitement of music through interesting play, activites and musical games.

Registered with Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, Seimpi's MIM® program is now officially accredited by the London College of Music Examinations (LCME), part of the University of West London ; the first pre-school programme endorsed outside of the UK. Besides being run in our own centres, our MIM course has also been incorporated into core programmes and enrichment courses in kindergartens and childcare centres, such as Learning Vision and PCF Sparkletots. Since March 2011, MIM® students are awarded certifications by LCME upon successful completion of the LCME-MIM Assessment. Read the LCME -MIM Assessment Guidelines here.

Unlike other early childhood music courses which only emphasize on listening and music movement, we incorporate the following:

  • Eye training
  • Speed reading
  • Pitch training
  • Memorizing techniques
  • Concentration training
  • Proper playing techniques
  • Music mapping
  • Music dictation
  • Other activites conducted in more advanced courses

The left brain learns in a conscious, logical and methodical way while the right brain learns in a subconscious, creative and intuitive way. Our MIM courses fuses the nuturing of the whole brain by teaching your child to recognise, analyse and inteprete musical patterns (left brain activity). On the other hand, improvising on a pattern brings out the spontaneity and creativity of a young mind (a right brain activity). 

MIM® Course Roadmap


MIM® Books
MIM® Piano Books: Builds up essential piano skills during a child's early years


Piano Book 1
With audio CD 

Piano Book 2
With audio CD 

Piano Book 3
With audio CD 

Piano Book 4
With audio CD  

MIM® Activity / Theory / Aural & Musicianship Books, builds up essential theory knowledge and arual & musicianship skills during a child's early years.


Activity Book 1
With Audio CD 

Activity Book 2
With Audio CD 

Theory Book 1
Aural & Musicianship Book 1
With audio CD 

Theory Book 2
Aural & Musicianship Book 2
With audio CD